3 Best Biotin Shampoos for Thicker, Fuller Hair

Healthy hair not only looks good, but it feels good. Unfortunately, as we age, our hair can lose its density and luster, leaving us with lackluster strands that don’t perform the way we want it to. The best way to battle this is with biotin, also known as vitamin B7. This B-complex vitamin, found in foods like salmon and egg yolk, does everything from strengthening to plumping to encouraging hair growth. Although you can load up on biotin through your diet, there are specially-formulated shampoos that can boost your hair’s health, one shower at a time.

– Renpure Biotin and Collagen Thicken + Strengthen Shampoo

The best thing about this plant-based shampoo is that it’s free of “baddies”—sulfates, phthalates, parabens, and dyes. It’s also a steal. With its combo of biotin and collagen, it improves hair’s density by thickening the strands for a fuller look and feel. Another lovely treat is the scent; enjoy notes of jasmine, bergamot, and apple.

– HairGenics Pronexa Hair Growth Shampoo with Biotin

One look at the reviews for this shampoo and you’ll be totally convinced. Users discovered that with continued use, this biotin-laced cleanser has decreased the amount of hair loss and encourages new hair growth, thanks to clinically proven DHT blockers like saw palmetto extract. Aloe vera and seaweed extract work together to moisturize the scalp and hair while preventing shedding. It’s recommended to be used for at least six months for desired results.

– Suave Professionals Strengthening Shampoo Biotin Infusion

This formula focuses more on combating the cause of breakage. In short, less breakage means less fallout. Biotin targets weak strands by fortifying them, which means decreased hair loss when doing everything from brushing, styling, and more. One user notes that this shampoo has effectively strengthened her double-processed hair.

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