5 Things to Do in Iceland

Iceland has so much to offer in terms of geological wonders, unique tour experiences, and truly intriguing hotels. Whether you have two weeks or just a long weekend, there’s plenty to keep you busy.

Transparent Bubble Hotel

Located on a farmer’s private property, this hotel consists of a handful of transparent bubble rooms and a community kitchen and bathroom. Unlike other areas in Iceland, this property is covered in trees, providing just enough privacy.

If you visit during the wintertime, you may get lucky and catch the Northern Lights in the middle of the night.

Snorkel Silfra Fissure

The water stays a chilly 36-degrees Fahrenheit all year round, meaning you need a dry suit to explore this comfortably. Given the cold, there’s no real wildlife or plant life that grows in this area, meaning you’ll get a peek at an eerie bit of history. The rocks lining the fissure are thousands of years old and the water is some of the clearest in the world, thanks to the volcanic rock filtering it.

Watch the Sunset at Diamond Beach

The Diamond Beach is a strip of black sand belonging to the greater Breiðamerkursandur glacial plain, located by Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon on the South Coast of Iceland. Catching the setting light through the shards of ice is something that’s not to be missed.

Drive Through Snaefellsnes Peninsula

This region is a haven for road-trippers. In the span of a day, you can see the famous Budirkirkja, walk on top of a volcanic crater, descend into an inactive lava tube, and take a walk into an ancient root cellar.

Glymur Waterfall

Iceland’s second-highest waterfall is well worth the half-day hike it takes the get there. The beginning of the hike is about an hour drive from Reykjavik. Here you’ll find a parking lot and signs breaking down the attractions you’ll see along the way. The waterfall drops into a mossy green extremely majestic canyon so this hike is worth very minute, and is not that difficult even though you need to face some challenges on your way up.

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