How to Create a Greyscale Bathroom

Greyscale is the color selection that when placed on a color palette lies between black and white. The grayscale color bathroom also tends to have an exclusive chic look and feel that adds glamour and select taste.

Art on the walls in any space of your home is always a beautiful feature and the same can be said for bathrooms as seen in these inspiring ideabooks. You can have an interesting piece of art as a feature in your bathroom and abstract is a wonderful option for some art enthusiasts. The piece you choose for your bathroom can also be a pencil sketch or a charcoal piece as this will contribute to the greyscale of your bathroom. Other bits may include some flowers and this will introduce some color which will blend well with the theme. You can go for flowers, a plant or dry sticks in a vase.

Industrial effect including greyscale color theme

Industrial walls are a good option as it showcases the natural raw brick textures, this is especially good as a feature wall idea, but not everybody is keen on the raw brick look. If you’re not into the rugged bricks on the wall, then you can also opt for a stone wall cladding for a more “rounded” finish to the feature wall. You could also opt for a mosaic piece integrated somewhere along the bathtub or the wash basin wall, this will add extra dimensions to the bathroom to some degree.

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