How to Make Chic Baskets From Clothesline Rope

Tools and Materials : Sewing machine, scissors, cotton clothesline, thread, denim needle, craft paints, paintbrushes.

Fill at least one bobbin with your thread choice. Install a denim needle into your machine and set it to a zigzag stitch that has long, fairly close together stitches. For my machine that was 2 on stitch distance and 5 on stitch length. Roll the clothesline into a small, tight coil and secure it with a pin. Place this small coil in your machine and sew across the center, reversing and sewing forward several times to secure that small coil. Slowly start rotating the coil to create a small disk.

Place the coil under the presser foot with the loose clothesline coming off of the right side. Make sure the space between the coil and that loose clothesline is centered under the presser foot so that when the machine sews a zigzag it pierces each side, sewing the two pieces together. Turn the coil counterclockwise as you sew. Soon a flat disk will appear on the left side of your presser foot. Continue sewing until your base is as large as you would like it to be.

To shape your sides, use your left hand to tip the coil up against the left side of the sewing machine. Continue sewing as you did for the coil, slowly rotating the coil towards you as you sew. Cut the clothesline about three inches from the bowl. Tuck the edge under to create a loop.

To add extra flair, use craft paint to create a design on your bowl. Use your bowls as stand-alone decor or useful storage vessels.

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