Kinowelt TV Frequency

Kinowelt TV is a German-language pay-TV station, which broadcasts fictional films. It shows classic films from Hollywood as well as European films from many different areas such as drama, romance, comedy, action, thriller, horror or western.

Kinowelt TV was founded by Achim Apell a former associate of Hessischer Rundfunk and Taunus Film from Wiesbaden together with MK Medienbeteiligungs GmbH from Leipzig, and was launched on May 12, 2004. Michael Kölmel and his film distributor Kinowelt, founded in 1984 (since 2011 StudioCanal GmbH), were behind MK Medien. Apell is the brother of Kölmel’s wife. Kinowelt TV is operated by Kinowelt Television GmbH based in Bad Soden am Taunus.

Kinowelt TV has so far produced three cinema films: The Last Giants (nature film, 2009), Die Präsenz (The Presence) (horror film, 2015) and UFO (horror/sci-fi film, 2016).

On 5 February 2013, the station introduced a new on-air and off-air design, which also introduced new logos for Kinowelt.TV and Kinowelt TV HD.

In April 2014 it was announced that AMC Networks has acquired Kinowelt TV. A renaming of the channel is currently not planned.

Kinowelt TV can be received via cable operators within the scope of the program packages of Kabel Deutschland, Kabelkiosk, Tele Columbus, Primacom, Unitymedia, UPC Austria, UPC Cablecom and Swisscable and Tele Columbus. Via satellite you can find the program in the package of Sky, in addition with Vodafone and Telekom Entertain as IPTV.
Since 29 May 2012, Kinowelt TV has been released as a high-resolution version at Unitymedia. A broadcast at Kabel Deutschlandfollowed on 15 October 2012 and at UPC Austria in 2013.

New frequency of Kinowelt TV and Kinowelt TV HD

Astra 19 at (19° East) : 12130 H 27500 2/3

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