Makeup Tutorial for Brown Eyes

Brown eyes are the most common eye color. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t special. If you look closely at a dark iris, you’ll likely find varying flecks of gold, auburn, or hazel. And to bring out these beautiful hues that make dark eyes unique.

Emphasize the depth and richness of your brown eyes with a shadow that has red undertones. Apply said shadow to the crease of your eye. We love this warm chestnut-brown color from MAC, as it works for a variety of skin tones and is surprisingly easy to blend.

Opt for an opaque metallic eye shadow with a yellow or champagne undertone for the middle of your lid. It’ll make your eye color pop and keep your lids looking gorgeously glossy.

This definitely isn’t the first you’ve heard of Urban Decay’s now cult-favorite Naked Palette—but that’s for good reason. It houses every warm shade you’ll ever need to show off those brown peepers in a variety of textures with a serious color payoff.

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