The 3 Best Backpacks to Buy for College in 2019

Modoker Vintage Backpack

Available in gray and black, the Modoker bag features a durable nylon material made to look like a traditional canvas and leather backpack. It’ll give users the stylish appeal of an outdoorsman of yore, with the functionality necessary in college today.

The backpack includes an external charging port with a built-in cable for easy charging of phones or tablets on the way to class. The bag features six compartments and can hold a 15.6-inch laptop. Due to the unique material, students won’t have to worry about scratches or water damage, either.

Stylish and traditional, but functional and ready for the modern campus, this backpack is a great option for any student. Its price tag makes it even more impressive.

Under Armour 3.0 Hustle Backpack

While this bag has many of the benefits of a typical college backpack, including a laptop sleeve and comfortable straps, it is unique for its athletic shape. The compact bag is perfect for going to the gym after class or wearing on a bike as you cycle to and from campus. It’s also perfect for sporty outdoor trips like a trail run on the weekend.

Overall, the Under Armor unisex bag is a great option for any student athlete, no matter your favorite activities.

J World Sundance Rolling Backpack

This one is perfect for students on large campuses that require tons of walking. It’s also great for anyone who flies home frequently and needs a bag that works in the airport.

These rolling bags are 20 inches tall and made to hold laptops safely in a padded sleeve. Like any backpack, this rolling bag includes a front pocket for writing materials, comfortable straps, and a handle.

J World offers several rolling backpacks for students. The Sundance features dozens of fun designs and colors to stand out. Students can also choose the Sunrise for a more muted style.

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