The Best Colors for Decorating a Bedroom

One of the most obvious choices for your bedroom’s color scheme is your favorite color or combination of colors. Think about the colors that make you feel good.

Choose by decorating style:

Cottage bedrooms: You’ll find lots of cheerful colors, including pastels, mid-tones, and white.

Tuscan-inspired bedrooms: This Mediterranean decorating style uses lots of sun-kissed earth tones, including terracotta, gold, olive green, brown, and brick red. You’ll often find small touches of turquoise or bright blue used as an accent, but not as the primary color.

Contemporary or minimalist bedrooms: These modern retreats typically have a simple palette limited to neutrals or black, white, and gray. Shots of bright color in bedding, artwork, or other small accents are common.

Coastal style: Lots of blue, white, and sandy tan are hallmarks of the beach theme, along with shots of red, orange or green as accents.

Tropical style: If you love the tropics you’ll love a bedroom decorated in the cheerful colors of green, yellow, orange, blue, and salmon pink generally associated with this colorful style.

The Best Colors for Decorating a Bedroom

If you have a favorite photo, painting, or accessory—a unique chair, wardrobe, window treatment or lamp, for example it will have colors, textures, and patterns you can use in your bedroom’s palette. This works especially well when choosing bedroom colors for a child’s bedroom; using their artwork will offer great color options as well as a wonderful way to showcase their masterpieces.

The safest way to add color to a bedroom is to stick with a neutral, or mostly neutral, palette. Don’t think neutral has to mean boring, however. Typically, neutrals include all shades of brown, from the softest sand to the darkest chocolate, but gray, black, and white also fall into the neutral category.

Some of the best bedroom colors help promote sleep and relaxation; after all, that’s the whole point of the room. If you are looking to create a relaxing oasis to ease away the cares of the day, your best color choices are cool hues found in nature. Studies have actually shown that a blue bedroom induces sleep faster than other colors

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