Waterfalls in Iceland to Visit

Iceland has more than 100,000 waterfalls so it’s difficult to visit them all in one trip. We pulled together a list of the top waterfalls in Iceland.



It doesn’t detract from the majesty of the view, either. This panoramic waterfall is located within the Golden Circle on the Hvítá river, quite near to the popular attractions Geysir and Silfra Fissure. The second-largest glacier in Iceland, Langjökull, feeds the water into these falls. There are two stages to this waterfall, amounting to 32 meters in total, sending the water deep into the canyon.



Glymur is perfect for waterfall enthusiasts also looking for a bit of a hike. You’ll want to set aside half a day to truly take in everything this area has to offer. Located a quick 40-minute drive from Reykjavik, you’ll see caves, rivers, canyons, mountains, and valleys on your hike to the waterfall. Pack a lunch and find a secluded spot with a good view for a quick break.

The 198-meter drop makes it Iceland’s second-tallest waterfall, below Morsárfoss which has a drop of 228 meters. You can hike up either the north or south side of the waterfall, and many hikers have shared that the southern approach has better views of the falls.



You’ll find this waterfall just inside Thingvellir National Park. To get there, you’ll take a quick walk down into a cliff-lined ravine and along the cliffs. This is the perfect place to not only see a stunning waterfall. This waterfall was also manmade, in way, considering the Oxarar River was physically moved in the 9th century to better provide water to the members of the parliament.

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